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Epic Fantasy and Speculative Fiction - Chronicles of Empire


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Chronicles of Empire - Epic Fantasy Literature

This massive epic fantasy project has already been over 8 years in the making.

The first Chronicles of Empire novel - "Volume 1: GATHERING" is still undergoing destructive editing, and will not be forwarded for publication for a while yet.

As it's taken me nearly eight years to get this far I have a lot of resources, some of which I've placed online for free use in the library - from short stories to info tables, plus a complete 750+ page GATHERING Encyclopaedia, which introduces a range of elements from the writing (please note that this has not yet been updated for the newer look).


Emperor - speculative fiction

"EMPEROR - First Apocalypse", which covers the final days of the Chronicles of Empire world, is in the final stages of editing and is likely to be submitted for publishing for August.



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